If I am not affiliated with a school, can I still access Cancer Happens® online?
Absolutely. Cancer Happens is a program geared towards schools; however, the information is relevant to anyone seeking to learn more about cancer.
Why should a teacher create an online classroom?

This is optional for teachers. However, the benefits of creating an online classroom include the ability to track student progress in each class, assignment of courses/materials, and easy communication with all students.

What is available in the Teacher Hub?
We provide online lesson plans available for grades K-12, available in easy downloadable form. These are free resources available through your online account.
Can I preview the courses?

Yes. You can preview courses before adding them to your classroom(s) by navigating to the Course Previews page. Please note that you will first need to click “Next” on the Pre-Survey step in order to access the main course content in Step 2.

How do I add courses to my classroom?

You can add a course to your classroom by navigating to the Teacher Portal and selecting your classroom.  This will allow you to select the activated courses that will be available to your students. 

How do I create a new class for my students each semester?

In the Teacher Portal, you can create as many classrooms as you need.  Each classroom will come with a unique classroom code for you to provide to your students.  This will help you track registration and progress for each semester’s students.

What if I forget my password or username?

If you created an account with your email address, you can reset your password here.

We do not collect student emails in order to protect privacy, so they are unable to reset without a valid email address. Encourage students to write down usernames and password when joining their classroom.

What if a student loses the classroom code?

Students only need to have their classroom code when they initially register.  After they have created their account, they only need to remember their username and password.

Please note that for security reasons, passwords for student accounts cannot be reset.  Please inform your students to either write down or take a screenshot of their password when they are creating their accounts.

What happens if a student leaves a module without completing it?

The student will be able to return to the course at any time to complete the steps.

What if I had a guest speaker come to my class - can I still access the online materials?

Yes! We encourage everyone to utilize our educational materials in whichever way works best for you. We try to make our program available in multiple formats to lessen any barriers in sharing this important information with the school and community.