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About Cancer Happens®

Cancer Pathways created Cancer Happens® to help young people understand key principles on cancer education and risk reduction. Our program equips learners with knowledge, motivation, and skills to decrease their risk of developing cancer now and later in life.

Cancer Pathways worked with a variety of health professionals, educators, students, community organizations, and families impacted by cancer to develop our comprehensive curriculum. Cancer Happens® provides standards-aligned lessons and activities for grades K-12. Click here to view an overview of the Cancer Happens® curriculum.

Learn how you can reduce cancer risk, take steps towards a healthy lifestyle, and support those that have been impacted by cancer.

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Our Impact

Since 2005, we have reached over 120,000 students from across the country. Students say they are not receiving this information anywhere else and want to learn more. Over 75% of participants report knowing someone with cancer. Schools and community groups are the perfect forum to foster open dialogue on a difficult topic and discuss important health information. Listen to what teachers are saying:


What is Cancer Happens® Online and how does it work?

The Cancer Happens® online curriculum is an educational resource that can be adapted to fit the individual needs of educators, students, and community members in all types of settings, including elementary, middle and high schools; community-based organizations; and health-related agencies. Our online resources were developed to make this important and relevant information more accessible.

Educators are encouraged to pick and choose which course(s) and lesson materials will be most useful for their students and adapt activities to suit their needs. Educators will be prompted to create a classroom for ease of distribution to their students with the capabilities to track student progress.

Is there a cost to access Cancer Happens® Online curriculum?

No. Cancer Pathways provides all our services at no cost. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it touches not only that person, but also everyone around them. Our programs are designed to educate and empower anyone – including youth, teens, young adults, survivors, caregivers, and others! We are able to provide our programs for free because of the generous support of our donors.

What are teachers saying about our program?

We currently have a 95% retention rate of schools. This means that almost all of our schools continue to participate in our program year after year. Teachers and students who have participated know how effective our program is in educating, engaging, and empowering teen choices.


For more information, you may also contact:
Cancer Happens® Program Manager, Jana Mastrogiovanni
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